Cepure bb, 35250 Paracin, Republic of Serbia
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Since the beginning of 2016, “Natura Gusto” has produced quality and healthy food, using only what can be found in the nature – this means no artificial colours, aromas, preservatives, flavour enhancers… Though it might not be easy, we are a team of dedicated food makers with two decades of experience in making and merging quality and taste. For the past three years, we have managed to create a variety of extremely healthy, but also extremely delicious products.

This is how our GMO, gluten & cholesterol free, vegetarian, vegan & diet friendly products came to be: rice cakes, rice chips and hummus spread, each in four delicious tastes. We are constantly exploring and developing new products to create unique combinations of natural food easy  to digest, that has many multiple health benefits, and tastes incredibly – making it the absolutely perfect snack.

Products: Rice cakes, rice chips, hummus spread

Production capacities: Rice cakes 250,000 pcs. Rice chips 250,000 pcs. Hummus 100,000 pcs. per month.

Export markets: Bulgaria, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Hungary

Standard: HACCP, ISO 2200:2007