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Take a participation on the live event SERBIAN – GERMANY TEXTILE PARTNERSHIPS: STAY CONNECTED - MANUFACTURING 2020+ scheduled for October 15th from 13,00 pm. Connect with the Serbian textile companies , check their profiles and products and schedule individual B2B meeting with the Serbian companies.

The main activity of the company is the production and sale of women’s fashion garments.

BOA is a fashion brand founded in 1996 which has a long family tradition in the production of lingerie.

The main activity of the company is production of men’s and women’s light and heavy garments as well as uniforms for members of the army, police, security…

Your kind of style.

FUSH˚ is a European OEM clothing manufacturer and a private label clothing manufacturer / fabric production specialist.

The best indicator of the quality of our products are the growing numbers of loyal and satisfied customers.

Jugotex was established in 1996 as a company specialized for manufacturing protective workwear.

Luss Textile d.o.o. Draganići is a a European manufacturer and supplier of high-quality modern formalwear, workwear and fashion.

The best choice for the growth and development of the company is cooperation with the leader.

“MM KOMERC DOO” for production, trade and services is a family company established in 1995.

Novitet LLC. Zitkovac is a private company with a family tradition of more than 40 years, experienced in a production of textile products.

Stim Import is a company with a recognizable name with a thirty-year tradition of production, servicing, service and marketing.