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Welcome to Serbia Connects Platform for A+A trade fair. Serbian National stand with our 8 exhibitors will welcome you in person at the Hall 7.0/A19 and 7.0/A27 from October 26th to 29th. Company KS Safety is located in Hall 7.0/B15. Nevertheless, here in our virtual space, you can meet Serbian exhibitors before the trade fair and you can schedule meetings with the companies by using the red button ‘Schedule a meeting’.

Please check the company profiles below and schedule your meetings in advance:


Bramy is a family-owned company founded in 1978. We specialise in production of Ceremonial Uniforms. We produce ceremonial uniforms for members of the army, police, security etc. Today we can produce 200-250 uniforms per week. We hold all the necessary certificates and our reference list is long because we bet on quality all the way.

  +381 37 759190         office@bramy.rs


Jugotex is a family-owned company specialised in manufacturing protective workwear. We can offer: protective, defence, waterproof and antistatic workwear and accessories. We hold all necessary certificates and have production capacities of 400.000 pieces per year. Our reference consist of GAZPROM NEFT, LUKOIL, PHILIP MORRIS, WURTH and others.

  +381 26 66 10 08        office@jugotex.com


Leon is a family-owned business, the manufacturing and sale of anatomically shaped footwear. We have two product lines on the market: Leon – fashion clogs and slippers for everyday use and Leon – Medical clogs and slippers for medical purposes. We use only the best natural materials, wood and exclusively fine leather and are able to produce about 63,000 pairs per month.

  +381 62 88 730 20         leon1@mts.rs, leonklompe9@gmail.com


KS system is a family company with 30+ years of experience in production of protective footwear. We produce quality safety workwear with local (EU) materials and our own leather production. Quality is our number one concern! We are a Socially Responsible Company where more than 50% of our employees are people with disabilities.

  +381 21 64 03 165       office@ks-safety.biz


S&D Tekstil today can offer a complete line of protective suits and equipment for safe work. We are able to respond to all market demands and also to provide our customers with the most efficient service and the most adequate products according to their requirements. Our customers list include premium brands like Henkel, Skoda, Gorenje, Gabby etc.

  +381 22 31 01 48        sdtekstil@yahoo.com


Stim Import has more than 30 years of experience in the textile industry as a manufacturer of personal protective suits (PPS). We produce also a unique line of thermal insulation clothing to be used in very difficult environments down to -70ºC. Production capacity is 6,500 garments per month. We hold all the necessary certificates and our references include Mercedes-Benz, Röfix, Victoria Oil and others.

  +381 15 89 11 20           a.pavlovic@stimimport.com


Tigar has been manufacturing high-quality rubber footwear since 1935. We believe that our boots are an ideal blend of superb quality, tradition and top performance. And we are proud to be the biggest rubber boot factory in the EU with capacity of 3M pairs /year, which still produces handmade boots. We hold all the necessary certificates and our customer list consist of premium brands like Ilse Jacobsen, Berner, Decathlon, Lindström…

  +381 10 30 40 00          sales@tigar.com


TRAYAL is the biggest exporter in Serbia in production of protective devices: masks, filters and glowes. More than a century long tradition with improving know-how put us in front of competition. All Trayal products have been homologated in well known Institutes world-wide and according to the world standards. We already export to: US, Ukraine, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia…

  +381 37 428 574        headoffice@trayal.rs


Zipplast is a company that specializes in manufacturing all kinds of zippers and distribution of sewing thread, hook and loop fasteners and reflective tape. 20+ years of experience in zipper production makes us experts in the technological level and product quality. Continuous investment in equipment, personnel training and flexible organization enable us to adapt to market requirements. We offer industrial testing on our product to establish the highest quality.

  +381 31 38 16 179             office@zipplast.co.rs