“Protective & Work Footwear”



In 1989 in Novi Sad, Serbia, Milan Gogić founded the family company for the production of work footwear in order to produce footwear specifically designed for the health, safety and protection of workers. Today, after 30 years, our family story continues to grow while keeping its core values. We are a Socially Responsible Company – employing people with disabilities, giving them opportunity to develop their professional and therefore personal life, to be a part of the local community. More than 50% of our employees are persons with different types of disabilities. With the implementation of innovations and modern machines we offer to each of our clients the best of what they deserve.



ISO 14001, 9001, OHSAS 18001, CE



Telekom Serbia, LukOil, Yumco, Dossa…



30+ years of experience in production of protective footwear. We produce quality safety workwear with local (EU) materials and our own leather production. Our main goal is above all customer satisfaction. To make this goal achievable, we strive to create products who meet all client requirements, both domestically and internationally. Using contemporary methods to carefully design our products, we are following modern technical and aesthetical market requirements. Quality is our number one concern!