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Organic farming is a farming of health safe and quality products in an ecologically sustainable way. The goal of the organic farming is to upgrade the health and productivity of mutually independent communities, life of soil, plants, animals, etc.

The organic farming records a high growth and significant development in Serbia. The CCIS Organic Farming Department is recognized as a partner to companies applying the principles of organic farming. By promoting, developing and improving the organic farming in Serbia, we are positioned as the central point of mediation between producer and exporter, the governmental sector and professional associations and universities. One of the key aspects of our support, which are recognized by many companies, is the training and direct support to the expansion of business operations in both our market and international one. With regards to it, a series of events pertaining to the promotion of our producers will be organized, out of which the key event will be the participation of our companies in the fair BIOFACH 2021, which will be organized in Nuremberg, Germany, in the following February.