“General & Custom Workwear”



Founded in 1997, S&D TEXTILE has over 50 employees, with a tendency to grow and dedication to deliver best-in-class suits for all workers. We are a small company that can quickly respond to any customer needs. As the choice of those working in the field and those working in production halls, S&D Textile is proud to serve people of various profiles in many industries including both manufacturing and construction along with farmers, farmers, healthcare professionals and caterers.





Henkel, Skoda, Gorenje, Gabby, Mercator…



S&D Tekstil today can offer a complete line of suits and equipment for cold and warm weather such as work suits, winter vests and jackets, T-shirts, hoodies, footwear and other safety equipment at work. Through many years of work, we have managed to complete the entire production cycle from design, preparation, production, printing and embroidery. We are able to respond to all market demands and also to provide our customers with the most efficient service and the most adequate products according to their requirements. Next to textile we can also offer protective shoes and accessories from our partners. With every product we keep the quality in check and have the environment in mind, therefore we use recycled plastic.