Agenda Webinar

Agenda Webinar

Best Practices in B2B Sales

Date 01.12.2020

Time: 14.00-16.00


The session will be an opportunity for the companies to review the basics regarding direct B2B sales, enabling you to check your organization for any gaps.  We will take into consideration the challenges of selling multinational, and how to make this work even if you are a small or medium enterprise.  This is a “first session” where the subjects will be seen from a high level, for the purposes of awareness, and will be seen in more detail in future sessions.

“Best Practices in B2B Sales? “is the topic of the webinar prepared by Fil Guijarro, sales expert originating from USA and based in Berlin, specializes in helping companies in various countries to acquire, train, and manage multinational sales teams, in order to position themselves strategically.

Webinar is open for all companies interested to participate and scale their knowledge. In order to participate please Register on Platform and Join under Live section (Networking Lounge) on the day of event.

Patrick Collins
Head of Growth at Startup Wise Guys