“Rubber Footwear”



From its modest beginnings as a small manufacturing rubber footwear back in 1935, today Tigar company grew into one of the leading makers in the Balkans. We operate cutting-edge footwear production facilities and feature the largest capacities in Europe. The majority of our products are sold to western European markets, as well we have our presence in Canada and the US. We are following our vision to be the leading European manufacturer of rubber footwear. And we are proud to be the biggest rubber boot factory in the EU which still produces handmade boots.



ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, EN ISO 20345, EN ISO 17249, EN ISO 20347, EN 15090, EN 50321



Berner, Decathlon, Ilse Jacobsen, Intechplast



Tigar has been manufacturing high-quality rubber footwear since 1935. We believe that our boots are an ideal blend of superb quality, tradition and top performance. To cater to every need, countless teams have been working hard for eight decades and transferring knowledge and skills from generation to generation. All Tigar boots are hand-crafted, made from natural rubber and top quality materials, and are 100% waterproof. Natural rubber is mixed with pigments, accelerators, binders, fillers, activators, softeners, anti-ageing constituents and synthetic rubber, which improve the properties of natural rubber while retaining its core characteristics. Materials: natural rubber, lining, neoprene, steel shank, microair. Capacity: 3M pair /year