“Protective devices and rubber goods”



Company was incorporated by the decree of Milan Obrenović, (king of Serbia) in 1889, for the production of gunpowder. The production of protective devices dates back to 1925 when the production of the M-27 Protective Mask started. After WWII , the entire classification of the products intended for personal and collective protection was developed. Today TRAYAL is the biggest exporter in Serbia. More than a century long tradition with improving know-how and experience is our biggest strength. Next to this our uncompromised quality & price ratio put us in front of the competition. We can add to this 15+ years of cooperation with Nasa. Our primary work motto is the permanent enhancement of the volume of manufacture and as well as the improvement of quality.



ISO 14001, 9001, 45001, CE: link





We produce protective devices: masks for industrial use, filters and Gloves. TRAYAL is a reliable manufacturer, which places its products onto the foreign market, which is the recognition of high quality and business efficiency, which is particularly taken care of in this company.  All the products of TRAYAL CORPORATION have been homologated in well known Institutes world-wide, and according to the world standards.
We already export to: US, Ukraine, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia…