Jaffa Crvenka

Jaffa Crvenka

Ul. Maršala Tita br. 245, 25220 Crvenka, Serbia
P: +381 25 75 51 12
M: +381 65 34 95 156
E: jelena.peric@jaffa.rs | export@jaffa.rs
Social media: @jaffa.crvenka | @munchmallow.crvenka | @jaffa.napolitanke.crvenka

Jaffa was established in 1975, producing Jaffa cakes, which instantly became one of the most favourite sweets in Serbia. Through the years, it has expanded its portfolio by introducing other biscuits, savoury snacks and wafers.

Banini was founded in 1979. Over the years, it has become known for its unique products in the category of biscuits and cakes.

Strengthening the leading position among the producers of confectionery products, Jaffa Crvenka merged with the Banini factory, which led to the creation of a new, joint team of the two leading confectioners in the region.

Products: Jaffa cakes; Munchmallow; Jaffa wafers; O’CAKE; Tak; Jaffa spread; Jaffa shortcakes; Noblice; Toto; Domacica; Njamb; Rum Kasato; TRIK.

Production capacities: Jaffa Crvenka: 25 000 000 kg; Banini: 30 000 000 kg.

Export markets: Australia, Canada, USA, China, UAE, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia etc.

Standards and certifications: HACCP; ISO 9001; ISO 222000; FSSC 22000; BRC; IFS.