Jurija Gagarina 154, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 31 90 142
M: +381 69 70 57 31

Mambikom agrar is a Serbian company, founded in 2012, in Belgrade.

The company is engaged in trading and production of fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetable production consists of growing, buyoff, freezing, drying and processing. The work process is in accordance with the food quality control standards. The production is IFS certified with the factories located in the towns of Šabac and Pirot.

In addition to the cooperation with farmers, Mambikom agrar invests in development of its own fruit supply in order to ensure stability in the procurement of raw materials and to increase the safety of products. Our fields of strawberry variety Senga Sengana on 25ha are close to the production facilities in Pirot. The location of these fields allows us to minimize the time between harvesting and freezing.


Products: Frozen and dried fruit

  • IQF sour cherries pitted, unpitted
  • IQF strawberries
  • IQF raspberries
  • IQF blackberries
  • IQF plums halves (hand cut and machine cut) and quarters
  • Dried plums/prunes
  • Osmotic dried fruit

Production capacities:
120 mts/24h

Export markets: EU and Russian Federation

Standards and certifications: IFS